Fine-Dining Restaurant Cellar 8 Now on visuEats Platform
visuEats onboards fine-dining restaurant - blog cover pic
Cellar 8, the home of Kington's Premier Dining Experience, launches its new menu using the visuEats platform.


At visuEats, we are always happy to onboard new restaurants and attractively present their menus much to the delight and convenience of their loyal patrons! This is particularly true with a fine-dining restaurant. Fine-dining restaurants are among some of the most popular ones on our platform, after all. This edition of our #visuWINS feature shines a spotlight on the latest fine-dining restaurant to go live on our app – Cellar 8.

Fine-dining Restaurant Cellar 8’s Now on visuEats

Cellar 8 is a fine-dining restaurant that prides itself on offering up Kingston’s Premier Dining Experience. It champions the fitting slogan “Enjoy Life With Us.” The Cellar 8 experience uniquely combines the following:

  • delicious food,
  • exclusive wines,
  • and unbeatable metropolitan ambiance.

This combination guarantees a fulsome and luxurious lifestyle retreat with each visit.

Importantly, it is the restaurant’s attention to detail and its commitment to the total dining experience that makes visuEats a complementary fit. Therefore, we encourage foodies everywhere to eat with their eyes at Cellar 8 using our app.

The partnership between Cellar 8 and visuEats follows a complete revamp of the menu. As such, some of the menu items are being made available to diners for the very first time. This makes it even more significant that a handy photo menu is available. Diners will not have to second guess what these new dishes will look like or how they will be served. In fact, patrons are more likely to try these new dishes with little to no buyer’s remorse.

Yes! We are truly excited that Cellar 8 has opted to launch their flavourful new menu with us.

How It Works

Cellar 8 is currently using our QR code feature to provide menu access to their patrons. Diners can now view attractively presented food and beverage menu items and positively anticipate their orders. The unique Cellar 8 QR Code is available for scanning at each table and strategic points in the restaurant. The QR code is also available through visual content on the official social media platform. After scanning, each diner will access a hi-def photo, name, description, and price of each dish.

If you are travelling to Kingston, Jamaica (or are already there) be sure to use visuEats to check out Cellar 8’s new menu and stop by for a meal or two! Of course, when you do, be sure to tell them we sent you!

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