3 Reasons visuEats Is A Must-Have Travel Experience App
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Our restaurant menu app is a must-have travel experience app.

visuEats is designed with the passionate foodie in mind, and the restaurants that cater to them. It helps conscientious and adventurous travellers make the most of their trips. This is true whether travelling for business or leisure.

Here’s How It Works…

A free-to-access global app, visuEats allows users to load menus from choice restaurants around the world. This is done using a quick, convenient, and attractive platform. Additionally, visuEats’ international reach accommodates ‘borderless travel.’ It allows users to get a clear picture (quite literally) of their gastronomic experiences when travelling to different locales. The app is a travel “must-have.” This works in much the same way that booking apps (transportation and accommodation) and GPS-operated digital maps have become travel staples.

Travellers who add visuEats to their arsenal of tools, they are likely to benefit from a wide range of options. We explore some of them below.

Your visuEats Must-Have Travel Experience Options

01. The Appeal of Food and Culture, within the Travel Experience

Undoubtedly, food is a huge part of the total cultural experience of any city, town, village, or country. Consequently, finding the best places to try cultural cuisine is highly recommended. This is particularly true for anyone who wants to fully experience the vibe and energy of a territory they are visiting. visuEats is particularly useful in this regard.

For starters, each restaurant’s menu items are presented using attractive, hi-definition food photography. This hi-def presentation helps ensure that the dining experience starts with what you see. Travellers using visuEats will be able to clearly see cultural dishes and regional flagship restaurants they wish to try.

Having a picture of an otherwise unfamiliar dish helps travellers adventurously embrace the food culture of a given people or locale. In addition to the ‘eat what you see’ functionality, features like Alert Eats brings the traveller’s attention to specials and bargains that may be up for the taking.

02. ‘Safety First’ is Step Two in the visuEats Must-Have Travel Experience

Travelling in a post-pandemic world will require a bit of forethought. This is as travellers balance the need to stay safe with the desire to have a fulsome experience. visuEats is great on both accounts! As intimated, the app allows users to get clear visuals of the culinary cultural experience of the places and spaces they are travelling to. This, of course, adds to the fulsome experience component of the conversation. On the other hand, the reality that menus are handy in one’s phone significantly limits direct contact with traditional menus (that often prove to be unclean).

Importantly, the safety component of visuEats’ offering does not stop there. In addition to menus on your personal device, information features that speak to allergies and potentially harmful ingredients are really great for those who simply cannot consume certain foods. This feature can also help reduce anxiety for the picky eater.

03. Organisation and Convenience: Step 3 in the visuEats Must-Have Travel Experience

Restaurants and dishes featured in the visuEats app are location independent. This simply means they can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Therefore, travellers can decide ahead of time (yes, even before leaving for their trip) which restaurants and dishes they wish to try in the territory they are visiting.

This is great for travellers who prefer to have a clear idea of what is available where they are going. This is also true for travellers who may not have any serious allergies or be picky eaters. The organisational benefit of knowing which restaurants to visit beforehand makes your travel experience seamless.

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