visuBloom: Unlock Your Restaurant’s Data and other Features to Supercharge Your Marketing


As the saying goes, knowledge is power. Through visuBloom, we arm restaurateurs like you with the knowledge needed to supercharge your marketing and help you take your restaurant to the next level. Below, we take a closer look at just how that works.

How visuBloom Helps You Supercharge Your Marketing with Data Analytics and More!

01. visuStart and More

visuBloom comes with all the simplicity and functionality of visuStart, as well as, with a few more bells and whistles. As such, the ability to upload existing photos and videos and publish your menu quickly is a part of visuBloom. Secondly, cutting costs while increasing sales is also a fringe benefit of the visuBloom package. Thirdly, all the unlimited, high-accessibility features surrounding the admin panel, having a large menu (or frequent updates), and limitless menu scans are all part of the course. If you need a refresher on the benefits of visuStart, read more here.

02. Customer Data

In the digital world, data is power. visuBloom provides restaurateurs with access to and ownership of, their customer data. As such, you will be able to know more about those who are dining in and ordering from your restaurant. You will learn about their habits and choices, and consequently, be able to make informed decisions about meeting their needs.

03. Special promotions

Dining out is more than the food. Instead, it is about the total experience. This includes special events and social activities at designated times of the year. visuBloom allows restaurateurs to run promotions that attract and retain customers. These promotions can include anything from specially branded (or unique) events hosted by the restaurant to yearly calendar events like Valentine’s Day. Whatever special promotions (and the menu to go with them) are available can be housed and promoted via the visuBloom package.

This benefit makes visuBloom a particularly great option for those restaurants that are known for events or would like to leverage event marketing.

04. Seamless Reservations Management

Managing reservations is critical to table management and turnover. Through visuBloom’s reservation option, no-shows are a thing of the past. The seamless interface is efficient in helping reduce no-shows, as well as fill tables. Of course, seamless reservation management will help the wait staff manage table turnover and availability.

Supercharge Your Marketing at No Risk to You!

Like visuStart, visuBloom is available for FREE for the first 14 days and restaurants may cancel at any time. Consequently, restaurateurs can give the package a chance and enjoy a first-hand experience of the benefits. There is nothing to lose. Get started today!

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