visuEats Set to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign
visuEats Set to Launch Crowdfunding Campaign - blog cover pic


Yes, we are set to launch crowdfunding campaign with your support!

If you’re reading this blog, you either already know firsthand how awesome the visuEats app is, or you’ve heard briefly about it and want to learn more. In short, visuEats is the passionate (and aspiring) foodie’s answer to eating out and enjoying. It’s an interactive restaurant menu app that enhances the dining experience by providing a mobile app that displays photos of restaurants’ menu items. As we continue to build our platform, we want to include more features and content that benefits you the visuEater, and our restaurants alike. This has led us to launching our first crowdfunding campaign.

Why Launch Crowdfunding Campaign

Understandably, an app as dynamic as visuEats will have lots of features that will help it function as well as we need it to. Of all the available options, we selected four (4) of the most in-demand features we believed will help us quickly bring you your best experience with visuEats. As with most things of this nature, bringing our vision to life requires funding. With that, we decided to use a grassroots approach to secure funding and launch our first crowdfunding campaign to make it all happen.

By visiting the campaign link, you will meet our CEO and Founder, Sophronia McKenzie, as well as the following:

  • learn more about how visuEats came about
  • delve into the features we are trying to develop
  • catch the vision regarding where we are headed
  • send us your contribution
  • spread the word

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Use the link below to both watch our campaign video and contribute to our campaign. After that, be sure to share the same with your family, friends, and colleagues, so they can do the same.

Link to visuEats crowdfunding campaign: Catch the Vision, Support the Mission

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