‘All Hail De Best Bajan Rum’: We’ll Drink to That!


We are highlighting the best Bajan rum from the birthplace of rum!

I’m confident most of you reading this would readily agree there is an inextricable link between food, drink, and culture. From the crop harvest to the table, food and drink tell the story of a people. When we look closely, we find cultural nuances, idiosyncrasies, and history. ‘Bajan rum’ is no different.

A Brief History of ‘De Bajan Rum’

Best Bajan Rum Punch pic - by Mount Gay Rum - 2

Home to the Mount Gay Distillery founded in 1703, Barbados is considered historically to be the “Birthplace of Rum.” In fact, the Mount Gay Distillery is said to house the oldest known rum in the world. A bottle of Mount Gay Rum Extra Gold is a connoisseur’s dream! With this kind of reputation, it is hardly surprising that ‘rum’ is part and parcel of the Bajan culinary cultural experience.

Unsurprisingly, being the ‘birthplace of rum’ means that there are many premium rum options that Bajans and visitors to the island alike can enjoy. For the purposes of this quick and easy-to-follow guide, we are highlighting one of the most popular ways to have rum on the island and just how you can partake wherever you are. Of course, given that Mount Gay Distillery is the Bajan rum pioneer, our featured cocktail features their rum options.

Finding the Best Bajan Rum Options for You!

From enjoying your rum on the rocks to enjoying the most complex handcrafted cocktail, there is an option for every palette and mood within the tapestry of the Bajan culinary rum culture. We explore these options below.

Unpacking the Bajan Rum Punch

It is highly unlikely that any conversation about Barbados and rum would fail to include the Bajan classic rum punch. Just about every dining-in restaurant offering Bajan cuisine is likely to have this cocktail. So popular is rum punch, that visitors and locals alike often have their own spin on the drink. This is in addition to having their favourite restaurants or watering holes serve up a glass or two.

For a refreshing and classic take on the Bajan rum punch, one can start at the Mount Gay Rum Tour. This option is particularly great for those who have never had this delicious cocktail. After all, Mount Gay is the pioneer of Barbados’ famous rum. Best of all, you can enjoy a drink of rum punch even if you pass on the tour (source: Wandering Bajan).

If you really want an adventure, you can decide to make the punch yourself. You will need the following:

Best Bajan Rum Punch Recipe - blog pic 1
  • 1 Cup of Lime Juice
  • 2 Cups of Simple Syrup
  • 3 Cups of Barbados Rum
  • 4 Cups of Water
  • You can opt to ‘spice up your rum punch some more by adding a splash of bitters and a little grated nutmeg for garnish.

Even without the added optional ingredients, you will have a lovely cocktail on your hands. All you need now is to call some friends, colleagues, and family members to share in the deliciousness.

Bajan Rum Punch and the Restaurants That Offer Them

While you can make your own, it is always nice to dine out and have your favourite cocktails made for you. Fortunately, in Barbados, there are lots of restaurants offering up their own take on the class rum punch. Some of the best places to try include:

  • The Tides
  • Champer’s Restaurant
  • The Beach House
  • Atlantis Restaurant
  • Barbados Yacht Club
  • Surfside Bar

All the above restaurants offer up delectable food and premium rum. They also offer up the views and ambiance to go with. Of course, if you wish to try other yummy Bajan cocktails and rum, you are free to do so.

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