How Restaurants Can Generate Revenue in a Post-Pandemic World
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Yes, restaurants can generate more revenue by playing their digital cards right!

In March 2020, the world as we know it changed forever. The highly contagious COVID-19 virus was officially declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO). Our children had to continue their education from home and parents had to work from as much as possible. Additionally, simple pleasures like eating out came to a screeching halt, and restauranteurs and their staff everywhere started feeling the pinch. Yet, even with all the challenges, much opportunity was present.

How Restaurants Can Generate Revenue By Navigating A New Normal

While it is true that the world has been heading in a digital direction for some time now, the COVID-19 pandemic fast-tracked this reality. In this regard, restaurants had to pivot fast and hard. Most would-be diners could no longer go to restaurants and enjoy eating out in the same manner as before. Instead, restauranteurs had to find ways to bring their restaurants to diners, as well as help them eat out safely, conveniently, and pleasurably. This is where the plot thickened.

01. First Things First: Public Health and Safety, Then Pleasure

Of course, one of the first obstacles restaurants faced was presenting their patrons with safe dining options. This included needing contactless menus when dining. For many restaurants, the solution was a QR Code that provided access to a PDF presentation of their existing menu. While this is a start, it is not nearly enough.

Although QR Code access provided digital access to their existing menu, the presentation was mostly text. As such, diners had no way of discerning what each meal was offering up. This remained true even in instances where the dish descriptions were present. Diners were left up to their own imaginations which could prove to be juxtaposed to what the menu item was truly offering. This is where the visual offering of the visuEats platform proves truly useful.

With visuEats, diners are able to scan a QR code and access a photo-based presentation of a restaurant’s menu. The high-definition photo presentation of meals accompanied with clear descriptions and names is instantly appealing to diners. Those who dine using the visuEats platforms consistently report being excited about being able to actually see the dishes before ordering.

02. Make A Great First Impression as Diners Eat with Their Eyes FIRST!

First impressions last and eating with your eyes is a real thing! Every restauranteur would readily admit this. The visual appeal of food is what results in an entire food-styling industry. It is also the reason that restaurants take the time to plate food so well for their diners.

As a restauranteur working with visuEats, our high-quality photos of each menu item allow your diners to anticipate a delicious meal even before the beautifully-presented plate is set before them.

03. Leverage Global Market Reach and Data-Driven Feedback

visuEats is a global app and a cherished travel companion for foodies who enjoy culinary adventures. Travelling foodies and picky eaters alike consistently use visuEats to discover new restaurants in locales they are visiting. Some visuEaters also use the app to discover which restaurants worldwide serve up some of their favourite dishes and build travel plans with that in mind. This kind of reach is unprecedented currently, as comparative apps at best are localised to single cities and/or countries.

In addition to accessing markets previously unavailable, visuEats restaurants are able to access diner data. Such data informs behaviours regarding which dishes are the most popular and profitable and which ones are not. As such, restauranteurs can make informed decisions regarding menu revamps, specials, profitable opening hours, and other service features that restaurants can implement to grow their profits.

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