Women’s Entrepreneurship Grant: visuEats wins and CEO Sophronia McKenzie Interviewed
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Our first Women’s Entrepreneurship Grant is in the bag!

Women in business face a reality that carries a unique set of challenges. Among said challenges is the difficulty in accessing funding. Our CEO Sophronia McKenzie knows this reality all too well. It is for this reason, she happily celebrates opportunities for women entrepreneurs to generate capital and be recognised for their work. This is what The Amber Grant Foundation’s women entrepreneurship grant affords women and the companies they run.

About WomensNet and The Amber Grant Foundation Women’s Entrepreneurship Grant

WomensNet founded The Amber Grant Foundation in 1998 in honour of Amber Wigdahl. The organisation supports women-owned businesses and the visionary women behind them with business grants. Amber was only 19 years old when she passed. At the time of her passing, Amber was yet unable to realise her dreams of business ownership.

In Amber’s memory, WomensNet’s The Amber Grant Foundation awards women-owned businesses US$10,000.00 monthly. At the end of the year, one of the year’s 12 monthly winners will be awarded an additional US$25,000.00. Consequently, each monthly winner has the opportunity to win a total of US$35,000.00 by year’s end. This sort of funding can go a long way in making goals happen.

visuEats Awarded and Featured for November 2021

At visuEats, we actively seek opportunities to grow our platform. We do this by growing our capital and subsequently the features we offer. This allows us to improve the user experience for both our visuEaters and our Restauranteurs. As such, we are thankful for the opportunity that came to us by way of The Amber Grant Foundation.

The visuEats app won the November 2021 US$10,000.00 award. This award was officially received by our CEO Sophronia McKenzie. Sophronia joined the organisation by video to talk about visuEats’ awesome features. She also touched on her journey as a woman in business thus far and added how much the award means to her and the visuEats team.

This interview was a lively and engaging one, and the visuEats boss shone brightly! As always, don’t just take our word for it. The video interview is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Of course, you can also opt to read the full script here!

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