visuEats Welcomes Incogito Vacation Stay to Its Platform


It is always a good day when visuEats welcomes new restaurants. Say hi to Incognito Vacation Stay below!

We are thrilled to announce that Incognito Vacation Stay is a quaint and elegant bed and breakfast and one of the flagship restaurants from Kingston, Jamaica offering up a mouth-watering new menu through the visuEats MVP platform.  

Kingston’s Hidden Gem:

Excellence in Food, Business, Travel, and Lifestyle Options

The partnership between visuEats and Incognito Vacation Stay began in January 2023 and is welcomed. Through the visuEats MVP platform and a carefully curated social media menu, Incognito Vacation Stay showcases its total service delivery options, namely:

  • a vibrant and dynamic showing of the rich and delicious meals from their breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus


  • competitively priced, and elegant vacation and business travel options.
visuEats Welcomes Incogito Vacation Stay

With everything spanning the spectrum from savory to sweet, Incognito Vacation Stay has something for passionate foodies and on-the-go businessmen and businesswomen alike. Offering up everything from tantalizing eats to signature handcrafted cocktails and premium rum options, Incognito Vacation Stay has something for the seasoned business tycoon and the budding entrepreneur alike.

Of course, you’re encouraged to dine and more at Incognito Vacation Stay. The well-appointed single and double occupancy Reggae and Culture rooms are also available for the taking when you book your next stay with them.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. Explore Incognito Vacation Stay’s offering on visuEats today and visit the official website to book your room.

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