visuEats Scores Big with Geekz Ventures Pre-Accelerator Program
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visuEats scores big with yet another accelerator program.

Those of you who have been following the visuEats journey from inception, via this website, would have known that we are big on community and by extension participating in accelerator programs that can help move our vision forward. Of course, not every program, we apply to participate in is met with a yes. However, when we do get that resounding yes, we consider it a big deal and revel in the opportunity to share it here as a part of our visuWINS!

visuEats Scores Big with New Pre-Accelerator Program

At the heart of any startup is innovation, and its outward focus is scaling as quickly and profitably as possible. visuEats, in this regard, is no different. visuEats’ turn-key digital solution is a game changer for the restaurant industry and global gastronomy as a whole. Much like the startups it is facilitating, the Geekz Ventures Pre-Accelerator Program is new in every way. For starters, it is virtual in its delivery. From its program structure to its mission and first-time accessibility, it is a breath of fresh air and a helpful addition to the mission of the participating startups.

March 2023 marked the start of the highly competitive ten-week program dubbed GROWTH. GROWTH will offer up access to mentorship, training, and resources to Black and Latinx-led startups. The program is designed to provide the 10 participating early-stage companies with unfettered access to coaches and mentors, peer-to-peer early networking opportunities, and an equity-free grant. Areas of focus during the 10-week period include the following, among others:

  • branding
  • knowing your numbers
  • product-market fit
  • scaling operations
  • emotional intelligence in leadership

Structurally, Geekz Ventures requires participation in both workshops and 1-on-1 office hours. This is in addition to providing media exposure through UrbanGeekz and access to additional funding.

As a participating company, visuEats scores big by gaining access to new information, growing its network, and securing additional funding. All the aforementioned are critical for pre-seed startups determined to make an indelible mark within their industries.

Learn more about the program HERE courtesy of UrbanGeekz or through the official website.

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