Dine with visuEats: Popular Asian Cuisine Spots in Jamaica & The Cayman Islands


Quiet as it is kept in global culture and gastronomy spaces, Jamaica is home to some of the most decadent Asian delicacies. Yes, Jamaica is home to more than curried goat, jerk chicken (or pork), and beef patties. Asian cuisine is quite popular on the island. Chinese food, for example, is an extremely popular lunch or dinner option. Japanese and Korean cuisine are also popular options at dinner and happy hour times. In this edition of Dine with visuEats, we look closely at popular Asian cuisine spots in Jamaica, available on the platform.

Popular visuEats Asian Cuisine Spots in Jamaica, Available on visuEats

01. Dragon Court Restaurant

Dragon Court restaurant is a leading Chinese restaurant in Jamaica and the first of its kind on the visuEats platform. The many beloved options and new menu additions alike are available for browsing on visuEats. Consequently, reservations are a welcomed feature for the Dragon Court restaurant. After all, the cuisine and dining are in high demand. Consequently, tables run out quickly. Reservations are therefore recommended. Of course, walk-ins are also welcome.

02. Yummy Cafe

A relatively new kid on the block, Yummy Cafe offers up a wide range of Asian teas, coffees, smoothies, snacks, and light bites for the taking. Their filling and equally refreshing bubble teas and smoothies are particularly popular. They are often the quick grab-n-go, meal replacement option and there is a flavour and blend for everybody.

If this is your first time trying these treats, the Yummy Cafe staff is on hand to help you choose something you will like. So, newbies can discover new favourites while familiar diners are able to enjoy their already established go-to options.

BONUS: Kazoku Japanese Bistro

If you are ever in The Cayman Islands, Kazoku Japanese Bistro is the place to visit. Located in George Town, Kazoku Japanese Bistro specializes in unique sushi rolls, teppanyaki dishes, and other awesome Japanese delights. This visuEats restaurant boasts a menu that has something for everyone. Even better is having the option to dine in or order takeout. Kazoku seamlessly facilitates both options thanks to its island-wide delivery and order-for-pickup options.

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