visuStart: A Budget-friendly Option for Upselling Your Menu


visuStart is the first visuEats service package designed to help you start upselling your menu. It is priced the lowest and is consequently the most budget-friendly of the three value-packed options. This package is also the one with the least frills. It is simple, functional, and perfect for the restaurateur who

  1. already has high-definition photos and videos of their menu items
  2. and would love to get started right away leveraging them to improve service delivery and earn more

Simply put, visuStart is the quickest and most affordable way for the above restaurateur to get started. Below we take a closer look at some of the package’s benefits.

Start Upselling Your Menu with visuStart

01. A Quick Start

Thanks to visuStart, there is no reason to wait if you want to get started on visuEats. visuStart is the fastest way for a restaurant to upload and publish menus. By hitting subscribe on the visuStart option, restaurateurs are halfway ready to upload their existing high-definition photos and videos. In that same vein, restaurateurs will be able to instantly update their menu items.

02. Extra Savings and Increased Sales

At visuEats, we know that saving money without sacrificing quality is always welcomed by restaurants. Consequently, by switching to our digitally-presented visual menu, restauranteurs immediately save on the cost of constantly reprinting paper menus each time there are changes. Through visuEats, menus are available to diners via a one-time printed QR Code or the app version of visuEats.

While going digital is sure to save money, a fully visualized menu is sure to make even more of it. Fully visualize menus have been shown to increase sales by up to 30% on average. Our platform’s existing restaurants are particularly enjoying this value-added experience on their previously low-selling items.

03. Unlimited Potential

Firstly, visuStart restaurants can update their menus and menu items without limitations. This is because there are absolutely no limits placed on the size of their menu offering. As such, restaurants with wide-ranging menus are able to showcase all they offer without an additional cost.

Secondly, restaurants can update and change their menus and menu items as frequently as desired. Diners also cannot exhaust a restaurant’s QR code scans. So, restaurants on visuEats will have their QR code for as long as their menus are hosted.

Thirdly, visuStart is highly accessible to both restaurants and their diners. For diners, the QR code provides quick access to menus. For restaurants, unlimited access to the admin panel for easy and efficient menu management is also available. Finally, visuStart is available for FREE for the first 14 days and restaurants may cancel at any time.

Do you know any restaurateurs who would be well-served by the visuEats platform?

Let us know so we can reach out to them! Of course, you can also encourage them to start the conversation here on our official website using the Schedule a Demo option.

Diners: Download visuEats from the App Store or Google Play today!

Restaurateurs: Schedule a demo or go ahead and subscribe to get started today!