Restaurants are facing unprecedented challenges as a result of the current Covid-19 pandemic. To reduce community spread, coupled with declarations of Executive orders, owners globally closed their doors with no timeline of when business will resume. While the effects are devastating, new opportunities still abound. Technology will change the way business is conducted going forward and restaurants must adopt innovative methods to target and protect diners and staff of any possible reoccurrence. The main concern for customers currently is safety, and this will influence their purchasing decision in the future. To that end, traditional approach to dining must be reassessed to meet the changing needs of the customers; this will include a shift from paper-based menus to mobile operated menus minimizing contact between diners. 

Inspired by such innovative technology and the benefits it affords, visuEats aims to improve the dining experience for customers through an electronic app menu selection. Unlike a traditional paper-based menu system, which has for the most part dominated menu selection for decades, visuEats provides a visual representation of a menu at the customers’ convenience. Other benefits include a reduction in inflation cost due to the printing of menus 2 to 3 times per year. The app will also facilitate real time feedback using the embedded features; a component that paper-based menus lack. Additionally, restaurants will be able to benefit from an ad platform; another advantage of visuEats.