#visuEaters: Connect with Us…We Want to Feature You!


If you are a passionate foodie and you use the visuEats app to enhance your dining out or ordering in experience, then you are a #visuEater and we want you to connect with us!

As is clear from the posts reposts on our social media platforms, we (the visuEats Team Members) are more than fans of the restaurants featured on the visuEats app. We are also fans of the food our visuEaters make and tag us in daily. Consequently, in addition to highlighting our favourite restaurant eats, we also wanted you to connect with us so we may highlight all your awesome work by featuring you here on our official visuEats blog!

Here’s how it works.

Connect With Us and Become a Featured visuEater

If you use the visuEats app and wish to become a featured visuEater, all you have to do is:

  • Post videos or photos of your favourite meals to make
  • Say why it’s your favourite
  • Use the hashtag #visuEaterFoods
  • Tag or mention us using the @visueats handle
  • As an option,

From there, we will sift through your wonderful creations and select a few for our highlights reel here on the blog and our social media channels.

Importantly, it helps to include a recipe for the featured meal. That way, other visuEaters can try the said recipe and post their results. After all, we are a community of passionate foodies seeking new and exciting ways to connect.

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