The Power of Community for Business Success
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At visuEats, we believe that the power of community is at the heart of making business dreams a reality.

A popular African proverb states “if you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.” For the visuEats’ team, this proverb expresses an ideal we hold dear. Individually, and collectively, team visuEats understands and champions the importance of teamwork, community, and building a network that will work with and for you.

It is this philosophy of community that lies at the heart of our participation in key accelerators and other programs. Such programs focus on various areas of skill up-leveling. They are particularly great for collaborating with other innovative and visionary entrepreneurs and their ventures.

Previously, we shared with you two awesome accelerators featuring visuEats in our Business Mentorship Opportunities post. In addition to those two (2), visuEats CEO is a participant in two (2) additional accelerators. These accelerators are the Ideate Pillar program and Incubate & Implement. We take a closer look at both programs below.

About Our NEW Accelerators and Incubators

01. About the Ideate Pillar Program

Ideate Pillar is a program designed to assist entrepreneurs with using design thinking and prototyping to develop an idea. Participating entrepreneurs running startups like visuEats, will be able to access the resources to clearly identify the ideas they wish to strategically commercialise. Ideate Pillar is a pre-seed stage intensive program slated to last four (4) weeks.

02. About Incubate & Implement

Incubate & Implement by the Broward is another key accelerator program for startups. This program emphasizes finding the right product-market fit to generate revenue. Incubate & Implement works well with the objectives of the previous accelerator. After all, this program focuses on generating revenue after bringing clearly developed ideas and products to market.

Leveraging the Power of Community

Certainly, an individual operating within the context of a community with a clear direction is likely to achieve more than any one individual doing things on his or her own. Consequently, being a part of a thriving community offers up lots of benefits for the taking. Here are a few.

01. Moral Support

The entrepreneurial and startup journey can be lonely. Consequently, being in the company of others on a similar journey can prove to be reassuring. Although each entrepreneur’s journey is different in some ways, there are similarities where it matters.

The emotional, intellectual, and business support of those who understand what it takes to walk in a particular pair of shoes, undergirds the importance and power of community.

02. Intellectual Fine-tuning

In addition to moral support, entrepreneurial and startup communities encourage a meeting of the minds. Entrepreneurs working together can share ideas and best practices that aid each other’s startups and ventures. In short, ‘iron sharpens iron.’

03. Accountability and Consistency

For the most part, entrepreneurs are self-motivated and very driven. However, even the most motivated entrepreneur will find themselves struggling for inspiration from time to time. This is where entrepreneurs will find that the power of community is a godsend. Being around other entrepreneurs will prove inspiring and will motivate entrepreneurs to get their work done in a timely, consistent, and sustainable way.

04. Networking and Professional Growth

Finally, in addition to all the aforementioned benefits, a thriving community provides entrepreneurs with a much-needed network. This network will lend itself to professional and business growth in both the immediate term and long term. Everything from partnership to consultation, advice, and introduction to new markets are within reach when functioning in the context of a community.

In conclusion, while the above is not a comprehensive list, it is clear that entrepreneurs and their startups do better within the context of a community. Consequently, for the aforementioned reasons, and others, the visuEats team is committed to leveraging the power of community. From building our team and great work culture to participating in accelerators, incubators, and fellowships, we are doing it all…together.

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