New Restaurant in a New Territory: Introducing Kazoku
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A new restaurant in a new territory is always exciting to us!

That sound you hear is visuEats officially breaking new ground! Yes, in addition to restaurants in Jamaica and Barbados, visuEats officially has an active new restaurant in a new Caribbean territory. We are happy to introduce our visuEaters to Kazoku Japanese Bistro.

A Little About Our New Restaurant in a New Territory

Kazoku Japanese Bistro is a family-owned business located in the beautiful Cayman Islands. It prides itself on meeting the needs of its clients. This applies whether they are dining, ordering takeout, or even requesting special catering.

Operating in a high-traffic tourist destination, Kazoku serves both local and international patrons alike. Clearly, their passion and commitment to culinary excellence help ensure that they consistently provide a high-quality product and first-class experience. It is, therefore, not surprising that they saw the value in expanding their service experience through using the visuEats platform. As of February 22, 2022, that expansion and partnership became official.

Benefits and Growth

Kazoku has partnered with visuEats to make its restaurant’s menu available in a convenient and attractive way. Available worldwide, anyone travelling to the Cayman Islands and looking for a culinary adventure will be able to find one in Kazoku. Best of all, they will be able to do so quickly, and know right away that it is one of the must-dine restaurants across the islands. Yes, even before arriving!

Those who are already familiar with Kazoku and restaurants in Cayman will find that Kazoku’s dining experience is enhanced with visuEats. Now, dining at Kazoku is both more pleasurable and convenient. We are truly pleased to have this culinary force on our app. Of course, we are also looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship.

In addition to viewing Kazoku’s menu on the app, be sure to connect with Kazoku on Instagram and tell them we sent you! Also, when you dine there, don’t forget to tag us in your experience!

Happy dining!