New Developments and Steady Growth at visuEats


There have been several noteworthy new developments, and steady growth at visuEats, since our last visuNews post. Of course, we are always happy to bring you along and have you share in our successes. Consequently, detailed facts and figures are shared at the end of each quarter from our CEO’s desk through our exclusive stakeholder newsletter. Feel free to subscribe to the said newsletter using the contact option on our website’s navigation bar. In the meantime, we give you an overview of our early second-quarter standing below.

Exponential and Steady Growth at visuEats

Springing Forth in April 2023

Spring is the time of year when fresh, new, and vibrant things come to the fore. Like Spring, visuEats Imagery Solutions, Inc. is aligned with growth and bringing forth new and good things for all our stakeholders. Over the last 30 days, visuEats has enjoyed welcoming new full-service restaurants, increased user downloads, and more user scans. This growth is due, in large part, to providing a more diversified and accessible product.

April’s Ultimate Upsell

We made reservations even better for our restaurateurs, added a single sign-on feature for our diners, and built a dynamic search feature to make visuEats more viable for all users and keep us ahead of our competitors.

Sailing Steadily in May 2023

Two indicators of business success are sustainability and business continuity. These key indicators perfectly describe our experience at visuEats Imagery Solutions, Inc. for May 2023. While we continue to revel in our company’s exponential growth following our March 2023 launch, we also celebrate sustaining that growth and future-proofing our business for all our stakeholders.

May’s Ultimate Upsell

We have been actively helping our FSRs to grow and, in particular, increase sales and revenue by boosting the uptake of their lowest-selling menu items. Additionally, our FSRs have been enjoying increased reservations and better management.

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