Managing the Success Journey with Lessons from visuEats
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Managing the success journey is just as important as the outcome. Here’s why.

Far too often we see success as achieving, once and for all, a particular outcome. We, therefore, often fail to recognise progressive achievements as we journey toward that vision of ultimate success. Yet, it is the seemingly small progress that is important for achieving the defined final hoorah. Let’s unpack the latter some more.

Three Lessons We’ve Learned from Managing the Success Journey

01. A little bit truly goes a long way

The journey towards success consists of the steps taken along the way. Consequently, whenever we set goals, it is critical to outline the steps that will inch us closer to our main objectives. Within the context of our goals, steps are a combination of activities and results (or impact) stemming from the same. As we successfully take each step, we not only get closer to our goal, we also achieve something that is complete in that moment.

02. You hear ‘No’ more often than ‘Yes’

As you would have recognised from our visuWINS update feature, the visuEats team has had much to celebrate by way of accelerator programs and grant funding. What you would not readily see, is the work that takes place behind the scenes. You also would not see the many ‘no’s’ received from other grant and accelerator programs. Each month, visuEats bids for 10+ grants and accelerator programs. Now compare that number with what you have seen by way of our successful participation in accelerator programs or grants.

03. The decisions you make are for where you are going

Our goals represent the big picture. The decisions we make today will take us either closer or further away from the same. Consequently, decisions should be made with that big picture in mind.

Admittedly, it is tempting to make decisions solely based on where you are. However, the last thing you would want is to find yourself relaying foundations once you have moved from one stage of achievement to the next. So, while you may have to work now within the framework of your resources, build in a way to accommodate what’s next.

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