International Food Holidays and How to Celebrate them (Fall 2022)
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Whether you are a visuEater or a restaurant owner, international food holidays provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in your favourite foods.

Each year, the international food calendar allows us to savour some of our favourite foods and dishes. Additionally, this calendar is great for discovering new foods, cultures, treats, and traditions. This Fall 2022 edition delves into the international food holidays you can celebrate from September through November.

Fall International Food Holidays by Month


07th – World Salami Day

Added to the international food holidays calendar in 2006, salami is a popular yet overlooked deli meat. Salami is a commonplace component of many of our favourite deli sandwiches. To enjoy and celebrate, world salami day, order a deli sandwich for lunch from a nearby restaurant. Be sure to use visuEats when ordering or recommend it as an option to your server if it is not yet available.

29th – International Coffee Day

So many of us love coffee for so many reasons. Our favourite coffee shops have supported our careers and dreams by hosting us while we worked remotely or needed to meet a client in a casual and neutral environment. Others have provided us with a much-needed mid-afternoon pickup while on the go.

Outside of our favourite coffee shop, many of us need a cup of fresh brew first thing in the morning to wake us up and get ready for the day. To celebrate all the ways coffee makes your life better this International Coffee Day, create a reel of you making or enjoying your favourite cup and tag us on our visueats and visueaters pages so we can repost.


04th – World Taco Day

Tacos are perfect for just about any kind of celebration. From private dinner parties to happy hour with the gang, tacos are a great way to get the party started. To celebrate, schedule a get-together with your favourite humans, order or make your favourite tacos and tag us in your experience. Of course, you up the ante, if you host your get-together at one of the restaurants using visuEats.

09th – World Beer and Pizza Day

I can scarcely think of a combination more worthy of an international food holiday celebration than beer and pizza. I, for one, love sampling the local beers whenever I visit a new city. It helps me feel that much more connected with that city or town. Coupled with a few slices of your favourite pizza, your choice of beer is likely to go down that much better.

Just about any local pizza joint is going to have at least one really great beer for you to have with your pizza. Best of all, your local pizzeria is likely to be celebrating International Beer and Pizza Day with specials and top deals. Let’s hope your local pizzeria hosts its menu with visuEats where they can enjoy those prime product placement features.

10th – World Porridge Day

Porridge is a popular breakfast food and nutritious meal replacement. While many of us may enjoy a porridge meal as a quick nutrient-rich option, the dish is a great way to ensure those with limited financial means are also able to get something nutritious, affordable, and tasty to eat. In fact, World Porridge Day was held in 2009 as a part of a charity initiative in Scotland to feed starving children.

To celebrate World Porridge Day, host a porridge charity event (or partner with an organisation to host one). Of course, be sure to tag us in all the behind-the-scenes goodness so we can share in your joy.

13th – World Chicken Day

World Chicken Day is held every 2nd Thursday in October. For October 2022, this day falls on the 13th of the month. Of course, a variety of chicken dishes are prepared daily across the world daily as it is one of the most popular proteins available.

Many of the restaurants on the visuEats app offer up chicken meals of all sorts. As such, head to one in your locale, order your favourite chicken meal and tag us in a video or photo of your experience. Of course, you can enjoy an at-home chicken dish and tag us in your photos or videos of this also.

16th – World Food Day

Whatever your personal palette, most of you reading this would agree that food is something we all connect with. Still, for many others, hunger is a problem. Consequently, World Food Day is designed to bring increased awareness to the impact of food distribution and production.

Today is a great day in the calendar year to arm yourself to inform you and others about world hunger and how we can help stem the same. A great way to do this is to support a local or international food charity. Of course, you can also enjoy your favourite foods with some of your favourite people as well.

24th – World Tripe Day

Fun fact, meals combining tripe and beans (enjoyed with white rice and a side of vegetables) are a popular meal option in Jamaica. There are also many other places in the world where tripe is enjoyed in a variety of ways. Tripe was once enjoyed exclusively by ‘lower class’ citizens during the middle ages in Europe. The dish grew in popularity across social classes throughout the world over time.

From France to Bosnia and the Philippines to Mexico, each culture has a unique way of preparing tripe dishes. To celebrate World Tripe Day, pick a culture and prepare a popular tripe dish. Be sure to document your process and tag us in your reels.

25th – World Pasta Day

Yum, nom nom! It is hardly surprising that World Pasta Day is a thing. From the fanciest restaurant to the most homely comfort food edition, pasta dishes of all sorts are really popular the world over. Believe it or not, there is a World Pasta Conference and World Pasta Day is celebrated as a part of this conference. Experts the world over come together to celebrate the many available varieties.

Although made popular by Italian culture, pasta has long since evolved beyond that. For starters, there are over 600 pasta shapes the world over. Additionally, cultures like the Chinese and the Germans, for example, have their own popular varieties that they enjoy. Chinese chow mein and German Spaetzle are delicious signature options that readily come to mind.

To celebrate World Pasta Day, pick a cultural group and try some of their popular pasta dishes. As is customary here at visuEats, please be sure to let us know how it goes by tagging us on social media.

November (Vegan Month)

01st – World Vegan Day

The benefits of a plant-based or vegan diet are celebrated for the entire month of November and in particular on the 1st for World Vegan Day. Whether you decide to celebrate just on the 1st or for all of November, there are lots of options for you to choose from. Best of all, there are lots of tasty non-meat varieties that you can enjoy.

To celebrate plant-based living, find a few recipes and restaurants providing vegan or vegetarian variations of your favourite meat-based meals. Burgers, pizzas, and fine-dining options can all be enjoyed during World Vegan Day and by extension Vegan Month.

Celebrate Each International Food Holiday with visuEats

There you have it! A list of the food holidays that will be celebrated worldwide throughout Fall 2022 and how you can participate. Here’s to wishing you savoury and sensory food experiences all month long.

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