How visuEats Increases Sales and Improves Service Delivery for Restaurants Worldwide


As technology becomes more pervasive in society, lifestyles become increasingly dependent on digital tools. Consequently, service delivery professionals must pivot. They must seek to learn more about the technology at their disposal and implement the tools their target audiences are already using. Below, we take a closer look at how visuEats increases sales and improves service delivery for restaurants worldwide.

The Art of Efficient and Profitable Service Delivery

At the heart of a positive service delivery experience for both professionals and clients, is the process. A seamless process ensures the professional in the equation is at his or her most efficient in service delivery. Similarly, a seamless process ensures the client has a positive experience.

A positive experience, through the eyes of the client, meets the following two criteria:

  1. All the available options are clearly highlighted (i.e. what you see is what you will get)
  2. Accessing said available options is quick and easy (i.e. what you want is easy to get)

For restaurateurs, efficient service delivery meets the following criteria:

  1. Ensuring the available menu is updated with the correct information (like ingredients, portion sizes, preparation time, prices, and the like)
  2. Presenting a clear picture (literally and through descriptions) of what diners can expect from each menu item

The Unprofitable Reality of Paper-based Menus and Analog Service Delivery Tools

In times past, a restaurant would have physical paper-based menus or hand-written display menus for customers to use. This approach proved tedious at best and costly at worst. An improvement to these paper-based menus was the use of a QR code presenting diners with a soft copy or electronic version of what used to be the paper-based menu option.

Essentially, diners would access a digital copy of the text-based menus on their devices versus browsing the same in physical print. To some extent, this would help restaurants make updates without the cost of reprints. This is as new soft copies of the text-based menu became available relatively quickly. Admittedly, this was an improvement when compared to paper-based printed menus. Still, it was hardly a real solution.

While soft copy versions of the text-based paper menu are easier and cheaper to update, the updates are not real-time in output. There is a time lapse between when the update is made and when the same is visible to the diner. Additionally, you are not able to clearly discern what your meal will be like.

On the contrary, the visual menu platform offered to restaurants from visuEats increases sales and improves service delivery through real-time updates immediately accessible by the diner.

How visuEats Increases Sales and Improves Service Delivery

The saying ‘image is everything’ is true within the restaurant industry. Visual menus have been shown to help restaurants earn up to 30% more from existing menu items when compared with using traditional menus only. After all, we eat with our eyes first!

Visually appealing meal presentations make food and the total dining experience more enjoyable for diners. Starting this visual experience before the meal even reaches the plate, positively impacts the diner’s behaviour and the restaurant’s bottom line in the following ways:

01. Stokes a diner’s willingness to try new options and upsell your menu items

Due to uncertainty, a diner will stick with tried and true dining options (like wings and pasta) rather than try something new. This is particularly true for diners who are less adventurous or who cannot envision a meal using a text description alone. However, if the same diner can (literally) get a clear picture of what he or she can expect they may be more likely to try that new dish. Similarly, signature dishes that are unique to the restaurant but unfamiliar to the diner often benefit from a sales boost.

02. Reduces buyer’s remorse and the wastefulness of dishes being sent back to the kitchen

Those of us who have regretted and opted to return a purchase to the seller, know that buyer’s remorse does not feel good. For restaurants, buyer’s remorse is particularly costly. Firstly, diners are left disappointed and associate your restaurant with a negative dining experience. Secondly, it costs the restaurant the resources and staff effort used to prepare and serve the returned meal.

03. Uses real-time publishing to help set diner expectations regarding what’s available to order

Ordering food that is not available is another occurrence in dining out that can significantly reduce the positive qualities of the experience. No one wants to order their favourite burger only for the waiter to return with the news it is not available. visuEats provides a viable alternative. With visuEats, restaurateurs can easily unpublish unavailable dishes so the diner simply does not see it as an option.

The Final Analysis: Three Ways visuEats Increases Sales and Improves Services

By stoking a diner’s willingness to try a new dish, reducing the likelihood of buyer’s remorse, and setting realistic availability expectations, visuEats increases sales and improves services.

Diners: Download visuEats from the App Store or Google Play today!

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