For Passionate Foodies and the Restaurants That Cater to Them
Welcome to visuEats! Here is what you can expect from our blog.


Welcome to the official visuEats blog! Here, we are committed to passionate foodies and the restaurants catering to them.

Through the content published here, we will be furthering the mission of enhancing the dining out experience for everyone, everywhere. Content created will include all the latest goodies on what to eat and where to enjoy it from the restaurants featured on our app.

Calling Passionate Foodies:

here’s how it all works!

Our posts will be multimedia in nature and filed under one or more of three (3) main categories, namely:

Below, we take a closer look at just how each category will work.

Eating Out Guide

Not sure what wine pairs well with your favourite fish or steak dish?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with our Eating Out Guide.

Food and Travel Finds

If discovering the unique culinary delights of your next travel locale appeals to you, then this is the category for you!

In Food and Travel Finds, we post the best tastes from around the world.

visuNews and Updates

We are always doing something new to improve the visuEats experience for all our restaurants and users.

Our latest and greatest developments will be posted here in visuNews and Updates.

These three (3) main categories are further broken down into a wide variety of tag options ranging from types of meals to meal items, locations, and everything in between to ensure that all our content is easy to find should you use the site’s search option.

Of course, there are added features!

Remaining true to the passionate foodie and the restaurants that cater to them through visually stimulating multimedia content, you can expect that our posts will not simply feature walls of text. Instead, you can expect lots of photos, videos, gifs, and multimedia complements with each blog to keep things interesting and inviting.

Ok, now it’s your turn!

Comment below and tell us what sort of content or features you would love to see on this site. Also, be sure to download the visuEats app in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store!