Black Women in Tech Featuring Sophronia McKenzie (courtesy of Voyage Miami)
Black Women in Tech Featuring Sophronia McKenzie (courtesy of Voyage Miami) blog post cover pic


Black women in tech are doing amazing things!

It’s not hard to imagine that an app as innovative and forward-thinking as visuEats would have a CEO with a powerful and inspiring story to match. Sophronia McKenzie, is the proud Founder, CEO, and head foodie in charge here at visuEats. Her journey from humble beginnings to CEO of one of the food industry’s most ground-breaking technologies in recent years is one for the books. It was only a matter of time before others would start taking notice of how amazing she really is.

‘Black Women In Tech’: visuEats’ CEO Sophronia McKenzie Tells Her Story to Voyage Miami

Headshot of Sophronia McKenzie - one of the outstanding black women in tech
visuEats CEO Sophronia McKenzie numbers among the standout black women in tech

Recently, Voyage Miami caught wind of the work that Sophronia has been doing through visuEats. They reached out, and the rest as they say is history. In a piece simply titled ‘Meet Sophronia Mckenzie,’ Voyage Miami introduces Sophronia to the rest of South Florida, and because this is the Internet, the world. As a black woman in tech, this is particularly noteworthy.

It is no secret that black women in a field like technology are grossly under-represented. Filter that group with those who are CEOs and the under-representation becomes even more pronounced. Still, Sophronia McKenzie has managed to commit to the uphill climb and is determined to have her voice heard. The visuEats CEO recently sat down with Miami Voyage and had a lot to say. During the interview, Sophronia chronicles her entire professional journey and gives us a peek into some of what’s next for her.

Read the interview here: Sophronia in Voyage Miami. Also, stay updated with Sophronia and visuEats’ latest happenings by clicking here.

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