Our Story

visuEats started with a simple idea "Why can’t I see photos of my food before I order?"

The visuEats app enhances the dining experience through mouth-watering imagery and customized menu-management features while increasing profits for restaurants through effective tech-supported operational menu management tools. The brainchild of Jamaican-born entrepreneur and passionate foodie Sophronia McKenzie, visuEats Imagery Solutions Inc. is an innovative software company and home to the visuEats photo menu app.

Mouth-watering shrimp tempura photo menu option

Founder Story

Sophronia, who is an avid fine diner, believes in savoring the moment of each meal – starting with her eyes. Little did she realize that her passion for the total dining experience would lead to something great. For Sophronia everything from being able to accurately picture orders to enjoying delicious flavor from a well-presented plate would prove important to everything visuEats could become. Sophronia recalls that the lightbulb went off one day while at happy hour with her best friend.

That happy hour conversation became the spark that would move the visuEats story forward. Following happy hour, Sophronia connected with a friend and UX designer to put in pictures what Sophronia had in mind. Thereafter, Sophronia would source a developer and conduct a beta launch. The rest, as it were, is HER story. visuEats has gone on to become a reality and have had some key milestones along the way.

Sophronia McKenzie Founder

Sophronia recalls the happy hour that awakened her hunger to create visuEats

“Back in 2018, I was at happy hour with one of my best friends, Jess. We decided to try a new restaurant and I was super annoyed at the fact that I couldn’t see any pictures or videos of the menu items. I kept fussing that I cannot understand why in this digital era, restaurants do not use multimedia menus. She looked at me straight in the face and said, “Well you work with technology, so why don’t you build that type of menu yourself?” At that point, a light bulb went off in my head, and I decided to start a new company and developed a photo menu app, which is now called visuEats.”

Our Journey



Inspiration strikes founder Sophronia McKenzie at Happy Hour


visuEats is Official!

Articles of incorporation acquired


Beta Development

  • UI Design for beta version is created


Beta Launch

  • January — App is launched on Google Play and App Stores
  • February — visuEats receives Trademark Certificate
  • October — Beta version launches in Jamaica
  • November- Winner of US$10,000 Amber Grant


MVP Launch

  • January- FIU Venture Miami Accelerator Program
  • February- Beta launch in Cayman
  • April- NYPACE Founders Forward Small Business Mentoring Program
  • May — Ideate Program at Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation
  • June — Incubate Program at Alan B. Levan | NSU Broward Center of Innovation
  • July — US$60,000 Founder’s Investment & DigitalUndivided BIG Pre-Accelerator Program
  • August — US$50,000 loan
  • September TikTok Support Black Business Accelerator Program
  • October — MVP Roll out